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How to Contact Us

Telephone: 330-688-9545

Mail: League of Women Voters of Kent
613 N. Willow, Kent, Ohio 44240

Email: [email the League] (general info/questions)

Or contact one of the people below:

President Stacy Yaniglos [send email]
Vice President Penny Graves [send email]
Treasurer Gail Pytel [send email]
Secretary Jackie Peck [send email]
Director 1 Fran Lantz [send email]
Director 2 Deborah Austin Sanders [send email]
Director 3 Alfreda Brown [send email]
Director 4 Jane Preston Rose [send email]
Director 5 Jennifer Kinney [send email]
Director 6 Amie Cajka [send email]
Director 7 Alice Hurd [send email]
Voters Guide Nena Hankins [send email]
Membership Sherry Rose [send email]
Director 8 Sherry Rose [send email]
Director 9 Fay Ann sebaly [send email]
Voter Girl Amie Cajka [send email]

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