Making Democracy Work

Elections & Voting

Voter Registration and Qualifications

Where to Register

You must register to vote in the county in which you live. You may do so at any of the following Portage County locations: all libraries, AAA office at 2641 S.R. 59 in Ravenna, public schools, candidates' headquarters and Bureau of Motor Vehicles offices.

Voter Qualifications

To be eligible to register and vote, you must meet all of the following qualifications:

  • U.S. citizen and resident of your county and precinct for 30 days.
  • Eighteen years of age by the date of the election in which you want to vote. If you will be 18 years old before a general election, you may vote for candidates in the primary preceding the general election.
  • You have not voted at least once within the last four years, you must register to vote.
  • If you do not meet the 30-day county and precinct residency requirement and want to vote in a national election, you must present to the board of elections a certified statement from an official of the board of elections where you previously were registered. The certified statement should affirm that you would have been a qualified voter had you remained in that county and precinct. If you have moved from one Ohio county to another Ohio county or from one precinct to another precinct within the same county within 30 days of an election, you may vote in the precinct from which you moved provided that your were registered to vote in that precinct.

Additional Information

For additional voter and election information, including an election calendar, upcoming election information, filing information for candidates and issues, absentee voting and results of past elections, contact the Portage County Board of Elections at 330/297-3511, or click here for information online.